Casual Conversation with Mark Bankoff February 6th, 2022

Our classmate Mark Bankoff will be our guest for a Casual Conversation on Zoom on February 6, a Sunday, at 3 pm Eastern Standard Time.  Mark’s description of the session is below, and we invite you to join us to see the world through Mark’s eyes and to revel in its beauties.

If you want to participate, please email me at by close of business on the Friday before, February 4.


I will present a series of photos that will demonstrate at least some of what has driven me to carry a camera almost everywhere I go.  Images of Major League ballparks and lighthouses served to satisfy my interest as a collector of places and events.  In these two endeavors, the camera stimulated me to travel and along the way meet people and learn a little history.  Beyond this use of the camera, I have gotten great pleasure when capturing images of the beauty found in nature, including landscapes, wildlife and plants.  Perhaps my greatest reward in photography has come in seeing and recording emotions revealed in a human subject or in a wildlife creature.

Along with the photos shown, a little bit of technique will be mentioned in passing.  After trying for many years to master the physics of image creation in radiology, I have little interest in getting bogged down in the science of image production in photography.  For me, the camera is more about finding and recording the beauty around us, using only the basic skills and knowledge necessary.  Keeping things simple adds to my ability to relax with a camera and more thoroughly enjoy the results.  Bringing some joy to viewers of my images has been tremendously rewarding.