DOC House project update

Dear Classmates -
It has been a few weeks since sending you an update on the status of the work on the DOC House. This is not due to any delay or down time for the holidays, but rather that we are now in a phase of less visibly demonstrable progress. 
The major elements of removing the Pond Room addition, reconfiguring spaces for the new dining room and kitchen, constructing the exterior handicapped access ramp, etc. are essentially done. We are now focused on rewiring, replumbing, the new boiler, installing code compliant systems, and the like. 
Today’s meeting covered such items as how to install new electrical outlets without visible conduits, sourcing the right color and texture of new roofing materials, configuration of kitchen appliances, costing of flooring materials given certain patterns and measurements, availability and back order delays for specific shingles to match original textures and depths, cost of copper versus asphalt ridge lines, etc., etc., ..... you get the idea. 
So far we have not had any big surprises that have impacted our contingency budget, but the latter is not large and something unforeseen might be lurking. 
We have preliminary furniture schematics provided by the architects. These have been submitted to Conferences & Events, which oversees use of public spaces, and we have their input. We will soon meet to decide on quantities and styles, availability and lead times, and evaluate vendors. This will be an important step for several reasons. 
First, it will be important to determine what the use pattern for the building will be. The DOC House has been many things to many people, and will continue to be. But, how will our choices accommodate parties, weddings, classes, reunions, club gatherings, retreats, and so forth? Second, our budget for these furnishings is modest, and how can we make sure our chosen designs function in multiple ways? Third, will our choices stand up to the traffic they will bear? Fourth, and importantly, are they appropriate to the architecture and character of the building?
I continue to be encouraged by the careful guidance of this project by our manager from the College, our architect, and general contractor. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. 
Paul Tuhus