50th Swimmer/Diver Reunion at Dartmouth

Below is a picture from our 50th Reunion this past weekend. On Saturday June 8 at 3:30 PM, we gathered with Ron Keenhold under the class tent for a delightful hour and a half reminiscing about our years with the team.

In the standing group shot left to right are:

Clint Harris, Don Lofty, David Hoth, Mike Brown ’70, Jim Becker, Coach Ron Keenhold, Dick Hinman, Jay Glaser, Allan Petersen, Tom Greist, Charlie Hodgson.

Missing from the picture are Jud Graves, who had to leave early for a frat ceremony, and John Bisson, who came late.

Ron’s wife Carol came at the end of the meeting and she was so happy to see us all.


(A hat tip to Charlie Hodgson for sending this.)

Swimmers/Divers reunion