Thank you note for our SIBS philanthropy

We received a note thanking us for our 2017 $10,000 gift to SIBS.

(SIBS is a one-on-one mentorship program in which Dartmouth students are paired with disadvantaged children between the ages of 5-13 from the upper valley. The program encourages that mentor-mentee pairings spend at least four hours together per week doing whatever they choose (some popular activities include going to the movies, hiking, checking out local museums, etc.) Matches last for the duration of the Dartmouth student's college career, so that mentees really have time to grow and learn from their mentors. I personally have been a mentor to a boy from Lebanon since my freshmen winter, and I can honestly say that watching him grow has been one of my most rewarding experiences at Dartmouth. The Class of '69's Philanthropy Grant has been so valuable to us because previously Dartmouth students paid for all the activities they do with their mentees out-of-pocket. The grant has allowed us to lower the financial barrier to joining the program, and will also go towards planning large-scale group activities with many mentor-mentee pairings. SIBS is incredibly grateful for the Class of '69's generosity!)