Class Philanthropy update

Dimitri Gerakaris '69 sent me a note updating us on the downstream impact of our Class philanthropy grants.

"One of our clearly stated goals of providing funds for Dartmouth student philanthropists is to inculcate the love of philanthropy plus to help them develop the skills to carry on with such work after graduation and well into the rest of their lives.

One such individual who is obviously a great example of success in this regard is one of our former recipients Jake Perkins ’14,  who directed the Athletes United program."

From Jake Perkins '14: 

"Here is an update a new initiative that I'm working on with the High Fives Foundation. I'd love to get more of the Dartmouth network involved, and was hoping we could collaborate to identify individuals that would be interested in supporting the foundation's cause. 

To start, the High Fives Foundation is a nonprofit that is building an interconnected, more aware community for mountain action sports enthusiasts. By working to prevent serious injury, and striving to support those surviving with life-altering injury, the foundation has positioned itself as the safety net of the mountain action sports community.

For additional context, take a look at the short videos below - they do a phenomenal job illustrating High Fives' mission, along with the foundation's impact on individuals overcoming serious injury." 

Here are the videos he references: