The New Thanksgiving Questionnaire

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David L. Prentice
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The New Thanksgiving Questionnaire

We are working through the process of designing the Questionnaire. This has evolved over many iterations, and it is time for Dud and me to open it more broadly. It seemed appropriate to start off via a New Topic to separate this from the original Draft topic. 

We are sharing this revised Questionnaire and will continue to fine-tune this, via this file that is now in Google Docs.

This is open only to our official Forum participants (so far, only Peter, Dudley, and Allen have shown up on the Book Forums). If you are on the Committee and can't get in to this doc, let me know. 



PS written some time later: If you are new at Google Docs, as Dudley and I are (but we are fast learners, and it's mostly intuitive), click on this Googlre Docs Test Doc that I put up and that Dudley and later Peter both accessed and commented on. Play all you want so you can understand how G Docs works.

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