How can we engage the ~ 300 classmates who are not active?

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How can we engage the ~ 300 classmates who are not active?

How can we reach out and re-engage the ~ 300 of our fellow classmates who have not been participating in class activities? How can we draw them in and get them to rejoin us at our 50th Reunion?

This has been an increasingly common topic at Homecomings, class executive committee meetings, and at class officers weekends. Many of us are increasingly aware of the fact that time - and our ability to do things - are not infinite. Many of us note that our circle of close Dartmouth friends are NOT primarily from our undergraudate years, but are classmates (and their families) we have met and bonded with at class events. Often these are people we don't remember knowing as undergraduates. Some of us have been alienated by Dartmouth at some point in the past, and this acts as a barrier to connecting with classmates.

Does this apply to you or to anyone you know? What can we do about it?

Add your opinions and suggestions in this thread.

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Classmate Engagement

I am a believer in whatever degrees of separation are necessary for one classmate who is already engaged and committed to the 50th Reunion and/or The Book contribution to contact another who has not been active. It's all about personal contact, really. From our core group can come a ripple effect in the much larger pool of classmates. Phone contact works a lot better than emails and newsletters and snail mail, in my experience.


Yes, but....

Sure, but that is a bit like telling someone they'll stop having a drought if they can make it rain.

Yes, a call from a friend who is still engaged and connected is the best approach. How do we find the engaged friend of the disengaged classmate? How do we get him to call? Do we contact the underwear gnomes?

Classmate Engagement

I agree with Dud regarding outeach and personal contact.  I'm also a big believer in devising and implementing a methodology for making some kind of personal contact with every last one of our classmates.  Easier said than done, though, as Peter quite correctly suggests.



Might it make sense to post a list of all our classmates here?  Maybe we could tick a corresponding box for everyone who has been personally contacted with encouragement to attend our 50th?  Or something like that?

David L. Prentice
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I like this, but is this something that raises privacy concerns?

Alpha list of names, known emails, and spaces to indicate contacts and progress (and changes and update history for each?) would be very useful. Is it open for viewiing by all or (somehow) just to "certain people" in the Class hierarchy?

Peter: maybe as some kind of Google Doc thing?

it really should be more widely available than just to "us." But how? 

I dunno, but it would be nice to leaf through the list, see who has not been contacted and think, "Hey, I could write this guy? I had dinner with him once." Or to see someone with a predicted (or even stated?) "No" and then choose to go after him anyway.

Permanent deletion of anything on the list should not be permitted — just additions, which should be traceable. 

DLP, dreaming

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