How to subscribe to content



Subscribing allows you to be notified by email whenever there is new content. The easiest approach is to subscribe to the entire site, but you can also subscribe only to specific areas. You can also control how often you are notified.  Subscribing is a great way to be sure you stay in the loop.

Here is how to subscribe to the entire site:

  • Log in to Class of ’69 site.  (Unless you are logged in, the site does not know who is subscribing.)
  • Navigate to your personal settings and preferences using the My account link in the User Menu on the left.










  • Click on the Subscriptions tab






  • To subscribe to all new content on the site, click the Content types tab:



  • Then click the checkbox next to Subscription in the top line. This will subscribe you to all content, including posts on the forum, events, news, and updates.


You will now receive an email with a link to the new content whenever content is added to the site.