Final Questionnaire and Questionnaire Instructions

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Final Questionnaire and Questionnaire Instructions

Peter - David has the final Q Instructions email with just 3 little tweaks to insert, based on my proofreading today. He will try to format it the way he's like to see it in iModules and turn it over to you for inserting the link to the Q.

As for the Q itself, we'd like to insert right upfront the one question about which profile picture a classmate would want, after explaing the Aegis picture is the Default. If there is no Aegis picture, the Green Book becomes the Deafault. However, a classmate can prempt the default by designating which picture he wants or by submitting one from the undergrad era. The adopted women all have to submit one like this last option if they want a vintage photo to appear. Can you help frame this question or want us to give it a shot?

Lastly, we talked about a PDF of the Q that is like a sample ballot that a classmate can review before diving in. Are we still intending to do this? As an attachment to the email/ As a link to it on the web or as a download? What do you think? It should be started if not already done in near-final form. Or would you like us to tackle it in Word?

Q and instructions process
  • I can't guarantee I will be able to perfectly match iModules formatting with what David wants, but it will be close.
  • Sorting out which question to use. This would be a question allowing respondents to check only one box: (1) default Aegis picture if it exists, (2) Green book if they prefer, or (3) they are adopted and/or want to submit one, in which case the mechanism is...what? We contact them if they check this?
  • Yes, still planning to make the Q available as a pre-read. Three options that are not mutually exclusive: display the entire questionnaire on the site to be read, word file to download (which they could use to respond and return), pdf to download and read. Once we have the Q ready to deploy, SurveyMonkey will let me export it.
Status of the Q?

Dudley said David had the nearly finished Q. How close is it to finished, in terms of:

  • Posting a 'sample ballot' version on the website for classmates to review.
  • Distributing a link so classmates can begin responding?



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Speeding toward the Final Q

Peter, I agree David and I must finalize the Q and move on all fronts to make it available as PDF and Word versions, because I reckon my letter to "non-emailers" should reference where to find it for online completion, how to download a file, or (worst), how to request a hard copy (i.e., the Bill Lind option). Calling David today, with Henry consulted as necessary for any tweaks to photo-related questions.


David L. Prentice
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Glad I checked this thread! 

Dudley, you mentioned in 12:07 pm today email about adding the Profile pic, which I see Peter is doing.

His wording is fine. As for his quesiton on optiion 3, how about this suggestion for wording re the submitted option for the profile photo: 

"Send your photo (portrait — headshot) to Henry Allen: Photo Editor and Scanning Expert,, 47166 Crucillo Court, Fremont, CA 94539-7219"
Does that wording work for you both?

I have asked Dud by email to confirm that I have found his latest/final version of the QEP letter.
I will take that and turn it into a Word doc as GoogleDocs is worse even than Word for formatting. I will try to follow the Lessons I Learned from the FAQ doc — mainly, no large font sizes. This is the online version, but —

The version of the QEP letter that goes out by mail will need some adjustments to reflect that. See Luddite para below. 

Re the "public" just-to-take-a-look version of the Q does not need any boxes for responses, as it is just a sample. Right? Straight text, no blank lines.

For the Luddites
Then we need a different version of the Letter and the Q for the those who don't use the Internet. This will require a very ample number of lines to contain a reasonable-length response to each question. I wish we could tell people that they are going to get a whipping when they show up at Reunion after submitting this way as written responses are, of course, a major pain in the neck to process. Could we encourage them at least to type their responses? Who is going to do this work? We need a smart kid who can read and type. None of us want to do that shit work. Ideas, please! One more crappy thought: this Q will be so long that it will run into extra postage. OR do we just send them the printed "sample" version and ask them to type out their numbered responses on their computer or typewriter, and mail in those pages. We could also include a link to the online Q so that they could answer it that way, for the closet folks who do indeed have a computer or can find access to one, which we should encourage. 
This group needs some major thinking. Other options??


Peter, from your comment (Sat, 2018-03-17 17:08) above, I thought you didn't want to post a link, at least not until a bit after we have sent out the emails, so that people would use their special linked Questionnaire so you had a feeling for the progress of our mailout. ? Or have I misunderstood, or maybe it's not worth doing that. We are going to want to keep some continuing real-time tally anyway, eh?



PS do we need to see the online Q again? Dud and I were wondering if we or you had tweaked anything since whatever we sent a doc to you. We are not even sure at this point what doc was THE doc? Does that matter? :)

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Final Questionnaire for Sample and for Luddites

For my part, I absolutely do NOT want to create a hard copy Questionnaire that tries to leave an ample amount of space for handwritten answers. I think it should be packed together, and the recipient may use a computer, typewriter, or handwrite his responses on separate paper. We need to make a Word doc available so the classmate can work from that. 

Peter, we feel we probably need to compare the present online Q against our document unless you can tell us they match. I THINK the only way we can see the Survey Monkey version is to fill it out again so we can get to all the pages. Maybe not? Maybe just the first page had mandatory questions? I'll look one more time.

Sample Q

I have added the sample questionnaire as a downloadable pdf. You should see the link in the group of Reunion and Book related links near the top.  I can make further tweaks (I don't think I have caught up on the suggestions) and replace the file with the updated one.

Survey Monkey makes it easy for me to download a pdf. Not sure I can download a word file - and not sure I want to.

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Letter to Luddites with ni valid email

I had the letter pretty well set to go with some of your sugested edits, but then I decided I'd try to validate the claim that an alum can manage how his/her email can be used. I was all over my Profile page, Privacy, and other selections, but I never found any options relating to email other than withholding it from a Directory. So maybe I am the Luddite. I am loathe to send out the letter with this claim of possible email management, though I have no qualms about saying "just send me your f***ing email for private and exclusive Class business per my personal forwarding of such information. Can you guide me to the page for managing email use? Maybe one has to call the Alumni office and dictate this verbally. 

Controlling subscription preferences
  • Alumni Relations:
  • Click Alumni Directory
  • Click Login
  • Enter Net ID (has directions for finding it)
  • Enter password (has method to recover)
  • “Update your information and manage your profile
  • Click “Manage my Profile”
  • Scroll down to Subscription Management. Click down arrow to see what you are getting and EDIT to change.
  • There’s a dropdown with ~ 20 options for different departments like Alumni Relations, Dartmouth College Fund, Athletics, Class of 1969. Each dropdown lists the kinds of emails from that department, with checkboxes to get. (Unchecked means you don’t get them.)
  • Make sure to click save after changes.
David L. Prentice
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Final Letter and Q for Luddites

Agree, of course, with Dudley: Tightly packed Q with no blanks goes in the mail. Letter will also contain two links for :

  1. Link to fill out Q online at Survey Monkey
  2. Link to download a Word doc, and in filling that in on their (we hope) computer, they can take as much space as they need. In this option, please email Word doc to --?--. Failing that, mail their printed responses to --Henry, I think--.
    Should we announce that handwritten responses are not acceptable? You know someone will break a wrist and have no choice. ;) Bah. With any luck they will email it back to us. If they mail it back, we will have to scan it via OCR. 

Please: take option 1, then 2a (email Word doc), then 2b: mail printout of Word doc

How do we craft a persuasive instruction to them to take the options in this preferred order? Hard to add an incentive other than moral/make it easy for us/this is much more $$-and-time-consuming if you cannot do it on the Survey Monkey. 

Is good?


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Letter revision to non-emailers

OK, I will quickly modify the letter I'm sending to those with no known or valid email address to include filling out the Questionnaire using the Internet connection (first) with Word from a downloaded file, or (least desirable), printing out the questions to answer by hand. I wonder if we should even bother if they don't respond in some way to the letter. Primary objective, of course, is to get their email address!

David L. Prentice
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Sounds fine. Step on their fingers so they can't handwrite anything. A couple of '67s went the handwriting route, and the silly editor wanted their submissions scanned and inserted in the book. We will not be doing that! 

What file formats will we need?
  1. The actual Survey on Survey Monkey. We link to this.
  2. A pdf of the survey. I can export this from Survey Monkey and make it available as a download. It is < 100K so not a problem sending it as an attachment, as well.
  3. A word document (docx). OK. Who creates this? I cannot export it as docx and I do not have an Adobe account or the paid Adobe add-on to do that. I have had mixed results uploading to Google_drive and converting it there.
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