Boston Mini Reunion May 2017

Dartmouth Class of 1969

Boston Mini-Reunion

May 3-5, 2017

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A grand time was had in Boston by a group of 45 ‘69s, family, and friends from May 3rd through 5th. This mini-reunion kicked off with an elegant dinner at Island Creek Oyster Company in Kenmore Square. A short walk took us to Fenway Park and a Red Sox 4-2 victory over the Orioles (to the chagrin of three Baltimorons in our company—Alan Lake and Arthur and Shirley Fergenson), an event arranged for us by Jeff Bloomberg. Jeff also was instrumental, we have been reliably advised, in the entire ballpark to be painted green in our honor.  

A clear, bright sky greeted our group on Thursday morning for a guided walk down the Freedom Trail from the Boston Common to the Old North Church. Andy McLane obtained the delightful services of a professional guide for the journey. She was suitably decked out in period costume (whose accuracy could have used Nanalee’s gimlet eye), and she delighted in tracing her ancestry to an indentured servant brought over to this country to work for the Boston Brahmins who ran the environs.  Irene Jacobs was disturbed by the terrible condition of the historic graveyard owned (and ignored) by the City, and she promised to write letters of protest to the press (which still operates, we are reliably informed, in Beantown).

An Italian dinner followed at Mother Anna’s in Boston’s historic North End. On Friday, Andy arranged for VIP treatment at the Museum of Fine Arts, including a docent-led tour of the permanent collection. Andy revealed his passion for Hudson River School paintings, one that he shares with Peter Elias, focusing on paintings of the New Hampshire White Mountains, one of the favorite subjects of the practitioners of this movement in America.

The mini-reunion ended at Henrietta’s Table, off Harvard Square, on Friday evening.  Thirteen of us lingered for more than three hours: friendships made and renewed, ties deepened, and pledges to do this again soon.

Norman Jacobs and Andy McLane organized the reunion from start to finish, with, in each case, the invaluable support of their spouses. Jeff Bloomberg obtained the Red Sox tickets.  
The following plus some children, grandchildren and friends participated: Bob Anthony & Anne Peschel, Mark & Ann Bankoff, Steve Barrett, John & Elizabeth Beck, Jim Becker & Mimi Macksound, John & Judy Bisson, Jeff & Suzanne Bloomberg, Arthur & Shirley Fergenson, Jay & Danielle Glaser, Dick Glovsky, Clint & Meg Harris, Dona Heller & Mike Saphier, Roy Hitchings, Norman & Irene Jacobs, Dick Jenson & Pat DeLeeuw, Alan Lake, Ted & Debbie Leach, Andy & Linda McLane, Dick Meckstroth & Carol Feld, Nick Perencevich, Fred & Susan Putnam, Ben Romney, and Jeff Saffer.

Plans are afoot to organize a single night mini-reunion in Boston for the November Dartmouth football game at Fenway, and next Spring Dudley Kay and Steve Larson are in the early stages of putting together a Southern States wingding.  

The Boston Mini-Reunion Committee:
        Andy McLane, Co-Chair
        Norman Jacobs, Co-    Chair
        Jeff Bloomberg
        Peter Elias
        Arthur Fergenson
        Dick Glovsky
        John Mathias