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Passing of Professor Jeffrey Hart

Respected English Professor and iconoclast conservative, Jeffrey Hart passed away in Fairlee, VT at the age of 88. Here is his obituary from the Boston Globe.


Women at Dartmouth

Below are links to two 'teaser' videos related to a project documenting Dartmouth's addition of women to the undergraduate community.

Teaser for the documentary.

Teaser with comments from current women undergrads.

An audio piece of our history

In an idle moment (I have fewer of them than I want) I came across this link. Details:

Review of the Hood remodeling project

This is a link to the Wall Street Journal review, to which I was alerted by Arthur Fergenson. The article is gated, so I will have to defer reading it until later in the week when I visit my local - and excellent - public library.

Winter Carnival 2019

Thanks to Phil Bush for the photo of preparations for this year's Winter Carnival. Not like the old days.

Some Dartmouth excellence

It is always nice to see evidence of the good work Dartmouth College does. Here are two examples:

First, look at the list of Ivy League All-Academic Honors from the Fall of 2018.

Class of 2023 Most Diverse Ever

Dartmouth announced offers to 549 early decision candidates along with 25 low-income students through Dartmouth's participation in the QuestBridge National Match Program. The College describes 2023 as the most diverse class in the history of the College. Students are the heart of Dartmouth, so this is a Good Thing.



Article by Bill Coulson

Allen Denison alerted me to an article written by our own Bill Coulson, about Peleliu, one of the Palau Islands and the site of some fierce WWII fighting. The article is too long to print in our '69Times, but it's easy to alert you here and provide a link.  And a sketch of Bill, added here below the fold.


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