Getting a username and password

Accessing the site


The site address is:   <>  

Click on the link or type it into your browser.  Most of the site is publicly available to the anonymous (not logged in) visitor but you must log in to comment on content, subscribe to get notifications of new content, or to post in the Forum.

To log in, you need a username and password. You can register with the site here.

The process of creating an account is simple:

  • In the User Login block, click ‘Create account’


  • Fill out the form with:
    • Your name for Username (Joe Smith or Joe.Smith or Joe_Smith or JoeSmith all work)
    • Your email address
    • Answer the math Captcha question so the site knows you are a carbon-based life form.
    • Click Create new account at the bottom.


  • This sends the webmaster (Peter Elias) a notification and he will approve the account. (The approval step is necessary because, despite three separate anti-spam-and-bot tools in play, we get 3-5 fake account requests every week.)
  • When he approves the account (generally within 24 hours) you will get an email with a link to access the site and set your password.