Homecoming 2017 report

Homecoming was a tremendous success. We had a total of 32 attendees, including 23 classmates. Thanks to Rick and Paul for making arrangments.

On Friday afternoon a small group (Dudley Kay, David Prentice, Jim Staros, Henry Allen, Paul Tuhus) met to work on The Book for our 50th reunion.

We had our usual 5:30 dinner at Molly's. It was well attended and followed by the parade along a different route to avoid Main Street. We had three vehicles in the parade: Tom Cronan's Saab convertible, Paul Tuhus' Jag, and Willets' classic 1999 Chevy Pickup. One of these things is not like the others.

The parade also featured the "Real Wives of Beta." Next year, we will have Homecoming Queen sashes and tiaras. 

Pre-bonfire speeches were marred by a nearly non-existent sound system (we think they may have spent the entire budget on security?) but the bonfire burned well and was followed by a reception in the Drake Room in the Hanover Inn. We heard a presentation from students from SIBS (more information and photos on Facebook) and voted unanimously to award them a $10,000 grant. 

Saturday morning we held our annual Homecoming Class meeting in Thornton 105. Greg Lau's minutes will be posted when they are finished. Some of the issues discussed resulted in a decision to post questions for Class discussion on the Forum on this site. Check it out and let your voice be heard.

Tailgate was great fun (thanks, as usual, to Ann and Joan and others) followed by a nail biter of a game with Dartmouth pulling it out in the last minute. Unfortunately, some of us left early and missed it.

We were joined at our tailgate by several '19s, our Class Connections partners. Bill Stableford met some '19 B-ball players who said they have enjoyed our joint '69-'19 Trivia nights and look forward to our next one.

Dinner at a new venue this year - the Lyme Inn. The room was perfect for our group, the food and service were excellent. 

A couple photos are posted here but do check out the full gallery of photos by Mark Bankoff and the full gallery of photos by Henry Allen.

The attendee list (let me know if I omitted anyone):

Henry Allen and Jim Knutti
Skip Auten
Mark and Anne Bankoff
Dan and Mariel Cooperman
Tom and Jan Cronan
Peter Elias
Dimitri and Mary Gerakaris
Clint Harris
Bruce and Debbie Henry
Tom Hunt
Norman and Irene Jacobs
Dudley Kay
Greg and Nancy Lau 
John and Sue Leavitt 
Ken Paul 
David Prentice
Mark Schleicher
Kelly and Sally Simpson
Bill Stableford     
Jim Staros and Alice Harris
Paul Tuhus   
Randy Wallick
Rick and Joan Willets


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Dartmouth Hall
Drake Room Reception