Mentions in The Dartmouth

Today's issue of The Dartmouth mentions two events we lived through on campus: the George Wallace protest and the Parkhurst takeover:


During the late 1960s at Dartmouth, there were at least two student protests that received national news coverage. While this attention was partly negative, Carini said that some people supported the protests. 

he Dartmouth Alum Small Business Directory

The Alumni Small Business Directory was launched in November 2020 ahead of Small Business Saturday. There are currently more than 250 alumni members registered, representing nearly 270 small businesses!

Class and College giving opportunities

Dear Classmate,

We can agree that we have had a year like no other.  Certainly not like last year, when we experienced the glorious 50th reunion in Hanover, followed in our case by a tour of the Lake Michigan coast on our way back to Milwaukee — then an overseas trip in the fall, Thanksgiving in Hawaii, a month in December visiting family in Vermont — and a visit to Florida in January!  This year (since then)?  NO travel for us.  Next year?  There is hope.

Dartmouth College Fund Honor Roll 2019-2020

Here is the list of classmates who contributed to the Dartmouth College Fund in the 2019-2020 cycle:

Dartmouth College Fund Honor Roll 2020-2021

Here is the final list of classmates who contributed to the Dartmouth College Fund for 2020-2021. Cash and Pledged Donations stand at $374,344, which exceeds our $325,000 goal by 15%. We also reached our participation goal of 35%, representing 228 classmates.


Dartmouth Outing Club (DOC) House renovation project

Paul Tuhus has been making regular visits to the site of the renovation project and has been providing photos of the progress. Here is a link to the gallery of photos and here is a link to a slideshow of the same photos.

Dartmouth from the air

Thanks to classmate Phil Bush for providing this link to a short video of drone footage showing Dartmouth and the immediate environs from the air, complete with some pretty damn nice Fall foliage.


Dartmouth's Buddy Teevens

Here's a link to NFL Network's discussion of Buddy Teevens as an innovator and outstanding coach.

Hanover as a ghost town

Paul Tuhus sent these photos with the following comment: "Here are a few shots of downtown Hanover today taken from the corner of Main and Wheeloc


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