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69s Who Attended Reunion (and Moosilauke)

Here is the list of those who attended our fantastic 50th Reunion.

(Below this list (lots of scrolling - sorry) is a list of those who planned to visit Moosilauke as part of the pre-Reunion activities.)


Casual Conversation October 3 with Paul Tuhus and Andy McLane

Join us for a Casual Conversation on Sunday October 3 at 3 pm Eastern with Paul Tuhus and Andy McLane: The Restoration, Renovation, and Re-Birth of the DOC House, From Conception to Reality

Casual Conversation: September 21, 2021

It’s fall and time to go back to school.  Welcome to the new season of Casual Conversations with Dartmouth faculty and classmates.  And our next guest has been chosen for us by, of all people, Professor James Heffernan, Professor Emeritus of English, a fabulous guest who regaled us with 90-minutes of enthusiastic memories, insights on how he came to teach James Joyce, and a recitation of one of his own poems.  He also gave a strong recommendation that we next speak with Classics Professor Emeritus Edward Bradley, Professor Heffernan’s tennis buddy.

Homecoming 2021 Dinner update (IMPORTANT)

Update on ’69 Homecoming: Saturday Night Dinner at DOC House

On Saturday night of this year’s Homecoming, there will be a ’69 Class Dinner at the DOC House, following the cocktail hour and dedication ceremonies for the DOC House renovation project that has been inspired, funded, and shepherded by our class.

PLEASE NOTE:   Seating inside the DOC House is limited.

Casual Conversation with Dimitri Gerakaris July 17

Our next Casual Conversation on Zoom is July 17th with Dimitri Gerakaris ’69:  the Path Not Taken

Class of '69 virtual activities

Here is a summary of our extensive virtual activities, courtesy of Arthur Fergenson:


“These Zooms have been wonderful for me as I’m getting to know guys that I never interacted with while on campus.  Next reunion, I’ll actually have something to talk with them about, rather than trying to make acquaintances in a limited amount of time.”

Upcoming Saturday Night at the movies

Our next Saturday at the Movies, employing the Amazon Prime Watch Party function, will be on July 10 at 8 pm Eastern (US).  The usual cautions apply: you will need a US Amazon Prime account, a lap top or desk top computer to watch the movie,  a web browser other than Safari (with Chrome working best), and you will have to rent (at $3.99) or purchase the movie from Amazon before you can join the party.  Watch Party has a chat feature so that we can talk among ourselves while the movie is in progress, and we join together after the movie is over to discuss it via Zoom.

Homecoming October 2021: President's Message and Schedule

Message from Class President Jim Staros:

As you have heard, President Hanlon and the Board of Trustees have decided on an in-person fall 2021 term at Dartmouth, and we are delighted that it includes an in-person Homecoming.   Homecoming Co-Chairs Norman Jacobs and Dona Heller have developed a great schedule of events for the weekend, and I look forward to seeing you there.

I want to highlight two special events on the schedule:  

Homecoming October 2021 - UPDATED plans and schedule

The current version with an updated schedule and information about meals and reservations is HERE.


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Homecoming 2021 - Outdated information

Friday, October 8, 2021:


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