69s Planning to Attend Reunion 50

Here is the list of those who have indicated they are planning to attend. Those in bold with (registered) after their name have - you guessed it - already registered. This list  will be updated regularly. Use this link to add yourself to the list. Can we break 300 registered?

  1. Dale and Gladys Achenbach (registered)
  2. Steve Adams (registered)
  3. Ted and Marcia Adams (registered)
  4. David Agan (registered)
  5. Sandy and Linda Alderson (registered)
  6. J. William and Diane Allen (registered)
  7. Henry Allen and Jim Knutti (registered)
  8. Steve Allen (registered)
  9. Bruce and Jeanne Alpert (registered)
  10. Mark Alvarez (registered)
  11. Mark Anderson (registered)
  12. Bill Andrus (registered)
  13. Dick and Judy Anschuetz (registered)
  14. Robert Anthony and Anne Peschel (registered)
  15. Skip and Gail Auten
  16. Donald Baird
  17. Jim Baller and Marlene Berlin (registered)
  18. Mark and Ann Bankoff (registered)
  19. Nicholas Baranetsky (registered)
  20. Steve and Debye Barrett (registered)
  21. Gary & Katherine Bartholomaus (registered)
  22. Jane Hastings Bataille (registered)
  23. Steve and Susan Bates (registered)
  24. Jack and Caroline Bauer (registered)
  25. John and Elizabeth Beck (registered)
  26. Fred and Carolyn Becker (registered)
  27. James Becker and Mimi Macksoud (registered)
  28. Delly and Peter Beekman (registered)
  29. Ben and Jodie Benner (registered)
  30. Robert Bennett
  31. Bill Berenson and Lorena Herrera (registered)
  32. Dana Jennett Thomas Bevan (registered)
  33. John Bisson and Judy Gerber (registered)
  34. Jeff and Suzanne Bloomberg (registered)
  35. Dick Blunt (registered)
  36. David Boyle and Vicki Comisso (registered)
  37. John Briganti (registered)
  38. Kammy Brooks (registered)
  39. Jeff and Deb Brown (registered)
  40. Philip and Judith Bush (registered)
  41. Daniel Bushnell (registered)
  42. Anthony F Campagna (maybe)
  43. Joe Campbell and Judy Harris (registered)
  44. Charles and Melissa Caplan (registered)
  45. Aldie Caram (registered)
  46. Mike and Stephanie Carr (registered)
  47. J. Gary Cherry and Alex Worthington (registered)
  48. Dale Christensen (registered)
  49. M. Steve Clagett and Jennifer Parker (registered)
  50. Ray and Tina Clark
  51. Virginia Feingold and Nelson Clark (registered)
  52. Vivian Cobb and Stephanie Gardner (registered)
  53. Don and Barbara Cole (registered)
  54. Gregg Cook (maybe)
  55. George Cooke (registered)
  56. Randy Cooper and Carolyn Lucet (registered)
  57. Dan Cooperman and Mariel Harris (registered)
  58. Bill and Beth Coulson (registered)
  59. Chuck Courtney (registered)
  60. John Crane (registered)
  61. Sam Crawford and Meredith Meserow (registered)
  62. Perry Craver (maybe)
  63. Tom and Jan Cronan (registered)
  64. Pete and Carolyn Crosby (registered)
  65. Stephen Dalphin (registered)
  66. Gary and Kazumi Day (registered)
  67. Tom and Christine Day
  68. Allen and Martha Denison (registered)
  69. Peter DeShazo
  70. Don DeVries
  71. Greg Dobbs and Mary Connor (registered)
  72. Doran and Rosalind Doeh (registered)
  73. Randy Dominic (maybe)
  74. Bill and Molly Donovan (registered)
  75. Lonny and Trisha Donovan (registered)
  76. Clark and Karen Doran (registered)
  77. Bruce Drake (maybe)
  78. Carol Dudley (registered)
  79. John and Janet Duke (registered)
  80. David Dunning (registered)
  81. Larry Ebner (registered)
  82. Sam Egan (maybe)
  83. Peter Elias and Cindy Elias (registered)
  84. Chip and Maggie Elitzer (registered)
  85. Norman and Carolyn Ellman (registered)
  86. Bruce English and Laurie Robin Hammel (registered)
  87. Steve Entin (registered)
  88. Rick and Ceil Feins
  89. Arthur and Shirley Fergenson (registered)
  90. Henry Bill Fields and Fonda Robinson (registered)
  91. Roy Flewelling (maybe)
  92. Donn Flipse (maybe)
  93. Rich and Sue Frazier (registered)
  94. Roland French (registered)
  95. John and Vickie Frondorf (registered)
  96. Jim and Hayden Gainfort
  97. Bruce Gale (maybe)
  98. Warren Gammill (registered)
  99. Bamboo Gandy (registered)
  100. Pat Gardner (widow of James Gardner) (registered)
  101. Bob and Penny Garman (registered)
  102. Mike Gehl (registered)
  103. Dimitri Gerakaris
  104. Bob Gippin (registered)
  105. Richard and Hilary Glovsky (registered)
  106. Gary and Nancy Goodenough (registered)
  107. Russ and Joyce Granik (registered)
  108. Jim and Martha Grant (registered)
  109. Jud and Kathryn Graves (registered)
  110. Gene and Maggie Grayson (registered)
  111. Tim Greist
  112. Tom Greist (registered)
  113. Barry Griffith
  114. Bob and Karen Gunst (registered)
  115. Phil Hallam (registered)
  116. Bruce Hamilton
  117. Jon Hanshus
  118. Clint and Meg Harris (registered)
  119. John Hawkins (registered)
  120. Dona Heller and Michael Saphier '64 (registered)
  121. Bruce and Debbie Henry (registered)
  122. Hugh Hill
  123. Andy Hinkley (Maybe)
  124. Richard Hinman (registered)
  125. Roy and Debbi Hitchings (registered)
  126. Charlie and Amy Hodgson (registered)
  127. Emerson and Peggy Horner (registered)
  128. Steven and Donna Horwitz (registered)
  129. David Hoth (registered)
  130. Dick and Geni House (registered)
  131. Bill and Margaret Howell (registered)
  132. Chris Hu (registered)
  133. Tom Hunt and Laurie Dann (registered)
  134. James Hutchinson
  135. Peter Imber and Jo Dondis (registered)
  136. Brooke and Liz Jackson (registered)
  137. Norman and Irene Jacobs (registered)
  138. Terry Jacobs and Sally Harrison (registered)
  139. Peter Jaffe-Notier (maybe)
  140. Robert Jensen and Joan Hart (registered)
  141. Richard Jenson and Pat DeLeeuw (registered)
  142. Paul and Marilyn Jerde (registered)
  143. Kase Kasameyer (registered)
  144. Dud Kay and Jill Ford (registered)
  145. Mike and Jane Kearney (registered)
  146. Jeff and Ellen Kelley (registered)
  147. John and Sharon Kelly
  148. Rich Kelly and Carol Akerson '77 (registered)
  149. Tom & Erica Kenney (registered)
  150. John Ford Keppel (maybe)
  151. Tupper Kinder (registered)
  152. David Kinsey and Susanne Hand (registered)
  153. John Kitzhaber (maybe)
  154. Fred and Pru Klein (registered)
  155. Bill and Anne Kneisel (registered)
  156. Ed Kozelka (maybe)
  157. Dick Lahey (registered)
  158. Alan Lake (registered)
  159. John Lallis
  160. Bob Lang (registered)
  161. Stephen and Jo Larson (registered)
  162. Greg and Nancy Lau (registered)
  163. Peter and Karen Lawrence (registered)
  164. Ted and Debbie Leach
  165. John and Sue Leavitt (registered)
  166. Bob and Deborah Lievens (registered)
  167. Bill Lind (registered)
  168. Lynn Lobban (registered)
  169. Don and Mary Lofty (registered)
  170. Lyle London (maybe)
  171. Loren Lortscher and James Couto (registered)
  172. Rick Lounsbury (maybe)
  173. Greg and Terri Lovaas
  174. Rip and Karen Maclay
  175. James and Elaine Magyar (registered)
  176. Dave and Margo Maier (registered)
  177. Fred and Joan Mansfield (registered)
  178. Ben and Mary Lou Marchello (registered)
  179. Jon Mark and BK Munuguia (registered)
  180. John and Julie Mathias (registered)
  181. Scott and Susi McGinness (registered)
  182. Doug and Nina McKenna (registered)
  183. Andy and Linda McLane (registered)
  184. Robert McNair
  185. Rich McNeil
  186. Tom and Judy Means (registered)
  187. Dick Meckstroth (registered)
  188. Joe Mehling
  189. Peter and Marge Meigs (registered)
  190. Andy and Sharon Meyers (registered)
  191. Craig and Sandy Miller (registered)
  192. Osborne Mills and Loren Bendall (wife)
  193. Jose A. Mina (uncertain)
  194. Al Moncure (registered)
  195. Cliff and Joan Montagne (registered)
  196. Richard and Risa Moon (registered)
  197. Charles Morey and Joyce Cohen (registered)
  198. Don and Jill Morton (registered)
  199. Richard Moses (maybe)
  200. Howard Tulley Mott (registered)
  201. Carl Moulton (registered)
  202. Jim "Mac" Mullins (registered)
  203. John and Mary Myers (registered)
  204. Bob Nadelberg and Bracha Horovitz (registered)
  205. John and Andrea Naitove (registered)
  206. Michael and Kay Neal (registered)
  207. David Nelson (registered)
  208. Alan Neubert (registered)
  209. Curt Nichols (registered)
  210. Doug Nichols (registered)
  211. William (Nick) and Robin Twaney Nichols (registered)
  212. Gary and Aggie Niess (registered)
  213. Nick and Susan North (registered)
  214. Jeff and Catherine Norton (registered)
  215. Lyle Nyberg (registered)
  216. Brian and Irene O’Connor (registered)
  217. Fritz and Caroline Oldenburg (registered)
  218. Dan Papp
  219. Tom and Madonna Parks (registered)
  220. John Patrick (registered)
  221. Ken Paul (registered)
  222. Nick and Ruth Perencivich (registered)
  223. John Person (registered)
  224. Charles and LInda Pineo (registered)
  225. Eugene Pinover (registered)
  226. Lew Podolske and Donna Skibbe (registered)
  227. Michael and Nancy Powell (registered)
  228. David Prentice (registered)
  229. Dana (Craig) and Kathy Prescott (registered)
  230. Fred Putnam
  231. Jim and Mittie Quinn (registered)
  232. Nanalee Raphael (registered)
  233. Julian and Deborah Reeves (registered)
  234. Les Reitman
  235. Ted Rhodes& Joni Pascal (wife) (registered)
  236. Hampton Rich (registered)
  237. Michael and Andrea Rieder (registered)
  238. Peter Robbie (registered)
  239. Clay and Cindy Roberts
  240. Dan Romer (registered)
  241. George and Anne Ross (registered)
  242. Jim Ross (registered)
  243. John Russell (registered)
  244. David Rutlen (registered)
  245. Ray and Deborah Saginur (registered)
  246. Richard and Denise Saltman (registered)
  247. Roberto and Mary Jo Sanchez (registered)
  248. John and Nancy Sasser (registered)
  249. Richard and Anne Saunders (registered)
  250. Garret and Suzanne Sayia (registered)
  251. Peter Schaeffer (registered)
  252. Peter Schenck and Marion Roydhouse (registered)
  253. Mark and Paula Schleicher (registered)
  254. Art Schneider
  255. Jerry and Missy Schulze (registered)
  256. Lee Seabury (registered)
  257. John Segelbaum and Judith Laren (registered)
  258. Joe Serene (maybe)
  259. Jay Shaffer and Karenlee Robinson (registered)
  260. Troy and Marilyn Shaver (registered)
  261. Mark Sheetz (registered)
  262. Trish and Bob Shellard (registered)
  263. Ron and Joan Silverman (registered)
  264. Kelly and Sally Simpson (registered)
  265. Paul Sindelar and Alyson Adams (registered)
  266. John Singler  (registered)
  267. Robert and Ginny Smith (registered)
  268. Tower Snow (registered)
  269. Thomas and Sandra Solheim (registered)
  270. John and Karla Spooner (registered)
  271. Bill Stableford (registered)
  272. Jim Staros and Alice Staros (registered)
  273. George and Renee Stauffer (registered)
  274. Dave and Nancy Strife (registered)
  275. Bob and Nancy Sturges (registered)
  276. Tom Stuver (registered )
  277. Jim and Vicky Sutton (registered)
  278. Walter (Vlad) Svesko and Susan DeStefano (registered)
  279. Don and Kyle Syracuse (registered)
  280. John Tallmadge (registered)
  281. John (Tex) and Dana Talmadge (registered)
  282. Vaughan and Linda Taylor (registered)
  283. David and Carol Tee (registered)
  284. Bob and Sonja Throndsen (registered)
  285. Michael Timchula
  286. Jim Treadway (registered)
  287. Paul Tuhus (registered)
  288. Mike Vasey (registered)
  289. Rob and Melissa Wagner (registered)
  290. Dave and Gee Wakelin (registered)
  291. Richard and Susanna Walden (registered)
  292. Roy Wallace (registered)
  293. Randy Wallick (registered)
  294. David Warner (registered)
  295. Doug Watson and Susie Hunter (registered)
  296. Doug Webber (registered)
  297. Ed Weber (registered)
  298. Rick and Joan Willets (registered)
  299. Ken Wilson and Ann Jackson (registered)
  300. Sandy Wilson (registered)
  301. Laurence Wiseman and Robin Jeweler (registered)
  302. Ralph and Barbara Woodman (registered)
  303. Doug Woodruff (registered)
  304. Bill Yellowtail (registered)
  305. Dennis Young (registered)
  306. Geoff Young (registered)
  307. Philip Youngholm (registered)
  308. Jim Zien (registered)