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Philanthropic Giving by the Class of 1969

Here is a brief listing of some of our philanthropic giving, a project ably led by Dimitri Gerakaris. Our focus has been to identify philanthropic projects imagined, created, and managed by Dartmouth undergraduates. The goal is twofold. First, to support their cause, but in the longer view, we hope we are helping to support students for whom giving will be a big piece of their lives after Dartmouth. 

I hope to complete the listing and expand the description by the time our June 2019 Reunion rolls around:

  • The first grant we did was for Dartmouth for Clean Water  (DCW) in 2009. We gave a Class grant to Dartmouth for Clean Water in the amount of $10,000. Pratyaksh Srivastava ’12, who founded and ran DCW on 2009, went from Dartmouth straight to Harvard Med, where he was elected president of his class.  
  • Our second grant was in 2010 for Project Right Choice (PRC).  We gave $10,000 to "Project Right Choice" to support families needing to stay at Fisher House in Boston to be with Veteran sons or daughters undergoing reconstructive surgery. The founders of Project Right Choice, Craig Fitzgerald ’11, went straight to Harvard Business, and his right arm man, Chris Jenny ’11, is now with Tesla.
  • In October 2011 we gave a grant to PAAR for Tropical Storm Sandy relief, in the amont of $8,000.
  • In 2012 we voted to give $7500 to DUVA to provide short term bridge loans to Dartmouth students whose government payments were late. For administrative reasons, the check was deferred until 2013.
  • In 2013 our grant was to Athletes United at Dartmouth in the amount of $5000.
  • In 2014 our grant was to WISE@Dartmouth in the amount of $5000 to provide services to victims of sexual assault.
  • In 2015 our grants was to the Outdoor Leadership Experience (OLE), a group mentoring programs for kids in grades 5-12 in Canaan to develop character and skills through participating in outdoor activities.
  • In 2016 we gave a $10,000 grant to Directing through Recreation, Education, Adventure and Mentoring (DREAM), a program that takes Upper Valley students from challenged circumstances to various cities around the country to broaden their horizons while accompanied by Dartmouth chaperones.
  • In 2017 we made a $10,000 gift to SIBS.



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