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As Class Webmaster I regularly receive replies to Class of ’69 announcements about invalid email addresses. Back when we maintained our own database I could make these changes. For reasons too complicated to include here, we now use the contact information maintained by Dartmouth College, and I am unable to directly update contact information.

I strongly encourage you to regularly update your information!

If you don’t, we (the Class) will not be able to reach you with information about big Class events (our 50th Reunion is only a few years away and planning has begun), little Class events (including mini-Reunions and Homecoming), updates about classmates (including, sadly, passings), or information about our Class projects.

There are two ways to update your information.

The most direct (and encouraged) is:

  • Go to the Alumni Relations site
  • Use the ‘Update my information’ link
  • Log in. (You may be able to use this link to go directly to the login screen.)
  • Log on using your NetID (if you enter your name, it will find your NetID for you) and your password.
  • If you have never established an account using NetID, you will need to contact Alumni Relations. (Call: 603-646-3202).
  • Once logged in, you will be able to set your preferred email address - and LOTS of other information.
  • If you have forgotten your password, there is a link to help you recover it.

The alternative is to contact Alumni Relations with new information:

Sorry for the inconvenience. I hope this is useful.

Peter Elias ‘69

Class of '69 Web’ster