Lynn Lobban interview in The Dartmouth

Today's issue of The Dartmouth has an interview with classmate Lynn Lobban about her experiences with Dartmouth.

The opening paragraph:

"In 1968, Lynn Lobban became one of the first seven women to attend Dartmouth. Recruited by the theater department, Lobban spent her time at Dartmouth trying to prove her worth in a daunting sea of men. In the process, she became a brother at Chi Phi Heorot fraternity and participated in the Parkhurst Takeover, Dartmouth students’ anti-Vietnam War demonstration. To Lobban’s frustration, the College did not allow her to complete her Bachelor of Arts degree at Dartmouth because the College had not yet formally ratified coeducation. After finishing school at Elmira College in Vermont, Lobban moved to New York to become an actor, singer and dancer. "

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