Amundson, Steven Eric (12/5/15)

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Steven Eric Amundson died December 5, 2015. He was born in Pendleton, Oregon and in high school excelled in all major sports and music activities as well as serving as student council president. He was offered full ride academic scholarships to Harvard, Yale and Dartmouth. He began his college career at Dartmouth in pre-med and had a very successful freshman year. Following that year, what his family now understands, he suffered the onset of a debilitating diagnosis of bi-polar disease. Through the following decades Steve powered through multiple mood swings while the professionals treating him marveled at his remarkable resistance to medication and his strong will to survive. He eventually finished a degree in English although did not return to Dartmouth. Despite that he was still an Alumni Fund volunteer and Class Agent from 1984-1986. With the help of consistent and substantial family support Steve married and fathered a daughter. He is survived by that woman and a sister.