Reunions are a team sport!

And we have a large, dedicated, experienced, and talented team. 

Below the fold is the list of the various people who have responsibilities for our reunion.  


Food and Beverage - Norman Jacobs (also souvenirs, but everyone knows that)

Seminar / Symposia  - Jim Staros

Memorial Service- Bill Stableford and Peter Schaeffer

Entertainment - Dona Heller

Connections  - Norman and Dona

Transportation - TBA (suggestions welcome)

 Registration - John Leavitt

 Reunion Treasurer- Rick Willets

 Reunion DCF Giving- John Myers

 Reunion Gift - Andy McLane

 Webmaster - Peter Elias

 Attendance - Dudley Kay

 Reunion Book - David Prentice and Dud

 Liaison to College - Paul Tuhus