Foley House update from Tom Kenney

Here is a somewhat edited Foley House update from Tom Kenney, along with a Foley House photo from our Junior year. The photo was provided by Tom Couser '68 when he and Tom K had lunch recently in New Haven, a 'convenient' halfway between Quaker Hill, CT and southern Westchester, NY. 

"It's fun to see those "old men" (the '68s) and the "newbies" ('70s).


The pic was supplied yesterday by our older brother Tom Couser '68 when I met him for lunch in New Haven - splitting the distance between his place in Quaker Hill Ct and mine in southern Westchester.  First time I'd seen him in 50 years. Still sharp, tall, skinny and looking ready for tennis. (I remain tall).

The two Toms got together after Tom Kenney sent Tom Couser a fan letter about his recently-published book, Letter To My Father. A Memoir. <> Tom K describes it as a sometimes-wrenching but always beautifully-written story about a Dad and the worlds he influenced, including Tom C's.   As Tom K says, fathers and their sons is a topic that few of us can easily let go. Tom's is worth keeping.   Arthur Fergensen even makes an appearance, if that tweaks anyon'e interest.   

Tom K still has room for more of your pics/stories. Send them

Tom C's is full of enthusiasm for heading up to his 50th reunion next month. He had only attended a couple of other reunions but as we all know, there's something so special about our 50th. Get ready.

Enjoy Springtime.


Here are some email comments about the photo:

Bob Gippin

Many thanks, Tom, as deeply resonant for me as you intended (engaging work day, good golden retriever throw/run, not too oppressive battle against the dandelions on a gorgeous Climate Change Northeast Ohio evening, decent election results last night and most importantly a martini with Susan in the family room watching commentators extolling my Cavs' chances, all to help out, not that any of that was really needed.)

Didn't know about Couser's book, thanks for that too, reference to AFF notwithstanding.  Will he become Bolton's formal amanuensis?  Would make the CNN, MSM feed interesting finally :)


Kase Kasameyer:

I have a copy of that picture still,  I think it was part of an article by  Pace magazine on Dartmouth,  why the interest I don't know.  Charlie Gay's girlfriend, whose name I can't recall, is right there in the middle.  My in-laws to be were not best pleased when shown a copy of that issue of the magazine.  I am planning to come to reunion,  am also practicing telling old stories of little interest.   Was surprised to get initial email re Foley House, tho

Arthur FF:

Tom, your meeting with Tom constitutes an informal mini-reunion and should be sent, if you choose, to be included in the next newsletter.  Two newsletters ago I put in a piece about George Stauffer and I, and our wives, meeting in NYC for an event associated with Farinelli and the King.  It included a photo of George and I speaking with Mark Rylance (who told me that I look like Tom Hanks, with whom Rylance appeared on the screen, something that my wife has said for ten years now).

I have ordered the book, of course, which now makes three in which I make an appearance, for good or ill: Prof. Henry B. Williams's book on the early history of theater at Dartmouth, Paul Gambaccini's Radio Boy, and now Tom's.

Among Foles, I more or less regularly see or correspond (or both) with George Stauffer, David Kinsey, Peter Elias, St. Rick, and Bob Reich. 

Of course, I am pleased with John Bolton's appointment. He and I were 40% of the Yale Law and Graduate Chapter of the Young Americans for Freedom (pre-Federalist Society).  We also were part of the small legal team on the Buckley side (also the Gene McCarthy and Stewart Mott and NY Civil Liberties Union side) in Buckley v. Valeo.  He is smart, tough, and realistic.

I expect to see ALL of you at the 50th.  If you are coming and your name is not now on the list of actual or intending participants, please add it immediately.  We are aiming to get 300, which would be a record.  Note that at least eight, and possibly nine, of the women present during our Senior year, and who have been adopted by the Class of 1969, i.e., the Pioneering Ten, will attend.  We defied Dean Seymour to pledge two of the women to Foley.  One of the women is coming from France, another from Portugal, another from London UK, and two from LA.  If they can make it, you can as well.