Third Annual Class Connections Trivia Night

The Third Annual '69 – ‘19 Class Connections Trivia Night, on April 7, was a huge success! 

About 50 enthusiastic '19s attended, and they kept telling us what a great time they were having.  Rick Willets and Paul Tuhus concocted another wonderful set of clever and creative questions (about 2/3 general trivia and 1/3 Dartmouth trivia).  John Leavitt and Norman Jacobs were the highly efficient score keepers.  Peter Elias (whose team won), Dona Heller, Dona's daughter, Melissa Saphier '12, Greg Lau, Phil Bush, and Sue Leavitt joined the '19s at the Trivia tables, and Nancy Lau helped out, as well. 

Rick and Paul already are dreaming up the questions for next winter's Fourth Annual Trivia Night!

See the photos.