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Additional Q questions
As I work with David's draft of the first emailing to classmates, it occurs to me we can (should?) use the Questionnaire to gather some needed information:
1) Which personal profile photo do you prefer?
 - Aegis photo
- Green Book Photo
- Another photo I will submit
- No preference
2) Would you be willing to contribute a "My Turn" reflections essay on a topic of your choice?
- Yes, I can do this
- No, I don't wish to
- Maybe. Send me more information
My topic would be: ________________________________
3) Do you have any vintage photos or other memorabilia from our undergrad years that you can contribute?
- Yes, contact me to discuss submission
- No, don't have anything that survived
4) Do you have any questions, suggestions, or comments relating to The Book or the 50th Reunion?
David L. Prentice
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This looks fine. I can’t open

This looks fine. I can’t open page on Mac (?) so using iPad. Where would these q’s go in the Q? 

Different kind of question

I'll point out that the first three of these are different kinds of questions.

  1. Four checkboxes, one answer allowed.
  2. Three checkboxes, one answer allowed, and then a space for comments.
  3. Two checkboxes.

The fourth is a text box like the rest of the questionnaire. 

I don't think this is a problem on my end (though I will have to test it) but I am not sure how it will look in the excel spreadsheet or whether it changes the way David manages the responses.

Additional Question #1

Actually, I would suggest 2 photos -- one of them from the Aegis or Green Book, and the other more recent.

David L. Prentice
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You must be Rick Saunders. Another of the hallowed gang of South Fayeries. How are you? You're the first voice we've heard here beyond our Book committee.

I found it easy to guess who you are (assuming I am correct), but I must ask Peter Elias if the "real" name can be added to the System so we can parse through any unclear user names that may arise. 

Anyway, Rick, don't worry: we are going to ask for at least one contemporary photo as well. Instructions are under development now to suggest it's fine to send some unstated number>1, but of course not promising that we will be able to print them all. 

I see that you are planning to come to our reunion. Great! Spread the word. We want a good representation from the basement gang!




I decided to play with the formatting options. Now I know why we don't use them. 

'Real Name' issues

Real name is not something that has been part of the required registration process, so only a few people are registered that way and the information doesn't exist in the system.  I can add it going forward as a requirement, but that will not change the situation for those already in the system.

David L. Prentice
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Dud's New questions and Excel sheet

The new questions, specifically #s 2, 3, and 4, are ones that are relevant as soon as they come in. 

My plan was to let the Qs pile up until we reached the deadline and I would take them all and wrangle them into the Book text format. Later arrivals of Qs would have to be accumulated in incremental batches, which I think really means only downloading the newer version, deleting those chronological submissioins received earlier, and dealing with the new text. 

I think the only way to deal with the new "immediate" new questions is to download the set of responses every few days or so and strip off everything but the responses to those questions and follow up with them. I'm guessing that this is the only way to do it. 

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