Should The Book conversations be private

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Should The Book conversations be private

When we talked about setting up an online forum to collaborate on the book, the suggestion was made that it should be private, viewable only to the book team. I pushed back for several reasons:

  • It makes my life harder, as it means testing before deploying, then adding and maintaining some specific software modules that limit access to The Book based on assignment to a specific 'role' called Book team.
  • It means someone (me) has to make sure that the correct people are added to (or removed from) that role.
  • It would mean that we are limiting the number of eyeballs and brains that can check our work or make suggestions to a very, very, very small percent of our class. In software we like to remind people that all bugs are shallow given enough eyeballs. To start with, it would mean that officers and the executive committee would not be able to see our conversations. Henry would not.
  • It's not as if we have hundreds or even dozens of classmates piling on and getting in the way.
  • We aren't talking about anything that I see as inappropriate for classmates to view (or provide feedback on).

We talked about it and the conversation died without a clearly stated consensus. When I set this up, I didn't re-up that conversation and set up a private section. I can do so, but I think it is the wrong way to approach this and would be willing to do so only if it was the clear consensus from all the members of the Book team.


I don't think that we'll be

I don't think that we'll be discussing anything that needs to be kept from other classmates.  If it is pain to administer, we can just keep in mind that 800 eyes (no, wait, 1600 eyes) can see it, if they can find it.  It may help us to stay on topic.

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