Archiving and Dumping??

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Archiving and Dumping??

I am seeing some old topics that are really past their best-before date. Under the Q, the two non-current topics just clutter up stuff. Is there a way we can take such topics and park them inside a grand Archive under the Q heading where we can access old stuff that we are not likely to need (=reopen) again. Two threads about the original and revised versions are dead now. 

It would just alleviate clutter on the main page for each Book area. 

Labelling question for PHE: the overall collection of Book messages are the Book "Forum," right? OK, what are the individual components of that called? A sub-forum? But they appear also to be called Forums, too? Within the (sub-?) forum, we have Topics, and Archiving and Dumping is a new Topic within the General+Miscellany forum. 


I am wandering now. I will close 


Archiving versus dumping

Archiving is the opposite of dumping. One can't archive AND dump:

  • Archiving means saving things for later use.
  • Dumping means getting rid of stuff.

Forum users can - and should - start a new conversation when the old one has outlived its usefulness. For example, discussion of the content of the current version of a questionnaire should NOT be tagged onto the discussion of a previous version. To some extent, this is the responsibility of the individual user, though a Forum admin (like me) can 'close' or 'lock' a topic so it will not accept new posts. (And unlock it later if need be.)

It is currently possible to 'move' a topic (a collection of posts on a subject) to a different pile. I'm not sure that is a good idea. It means a forum admin (me) has to edit the initial post in the topic, moving it to a different area, and then leaving a 'locked' 'shadow' or 'pointer' post there indicating where that conversation now lives. It still must leave a top-level post pointing to its new location or the information is essentially unfindable, so clutter is not fixed. However, new posts float to the top, so it is not too terribly difficult to find the most recent conversation.

As to architecture and nomenclature:

The Forum: the whole tool

Categories (General discussions, 50th Reunion, Events, The Book, etc.)

Forums: collections of conversations on specific topics within a category. Within The Book forum, we have General, budgets, structure, questionnaire, etc.

Topics: individual threaded conversations on a topic within the forum.



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