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Dissemination of the Q

Following yesterday's ExecCom teleconference, it was urged that we use the occassion of sending out the Q to convey also additional information and solicitations to our classmates. This made me rethink how we are sending out the Q. I beleive Peter told us that the survey could be a link to a URL rather than a self-contained emailing.


Well, what about an email that is constructed that carries instructions for completing the Q, instructions for completing a bio-essay, instructions for submitting photos, and also the solicitation of book support donations and whatever else the Reunion Chairs wish to convey?


Do you see my meaning? Do you catch my drift?

Dissemination of the Q and related info

The Survey Monkey questionnaire can be accessed:

  1. By sending people an email that is their 'ticket' to answer. This ensures integrity (one vote per person) and allows Survey Monkey to track responders and send reminders to non-responders. This would only reach the ~ 500 for whom we have email addresses.
  2. By creating a link to the survey. That link could be sent in an email, posted on the website, and included in snail mail. This gives the widest coverage. It means that we need to include a couple identifier questions and manually track and chase non-responders. 
  3. (Hard copy: printing the survey, mailing it to people, they mail it back with their responses, and we transcribe it. I see this as a last resort, not to be mentioned except in extremis and after someone has insisted on doing it this way.)

I have been operating on the assumption we are going to do #2. 

The other question pertains to how to compose an email and what to cover. Long and complicated emails are at high risk for tl;dr, so I would suggest an email that says something like the following, so the meat is clear and accessible on top and the details are below:

"Below are instructions for {x} things in preparation for our 50th Reunion and Reunion Book:One

  1. One

  2. Two

  3. Three

  4. Etc...

The instructions are also HERE on our class website {a link to the instructions on the web site} in case you misplace this email.

Instructions for #1:

Instructions for #2:

Instructions for #3:

Instructions for #:




David L. Prentice
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Peter's Options


Sorry, but I do like #1 the best. If it'e easy to do, I would think that as a first step, we would send the email Peter describes to each person on our email list. We ask people who receive it (containing all the instructions, i.e., including directions for photos and essay) to submit via their tracked link, rather than from the website or any other ways. Then we can track at least those people.

In addition, we would post the link on the website, FB page, and other sources, so people who were not on our list are still able to submit electronically. If someone has the tracked-email message/link and then goes and uses the "public" link anyway, well, so be it. 

In other words, some tracking would seem to be more useful than no tracking. Maybe a tracked person submitting in an untracked way can be assigned a track — and if not, so what. 

Not clear how we would do #1 and/or #2 and still make the #3 option available. I guess people who don't have email, or whose tracked emails have bounced back to us, are all going to have to get a mailed letter. That could contain the untracked link, and the recipients could use that. Then the question is, do we include a printed Q form in that envelope — but note $$$ since the Q would have to be a specially-laid out version with real blank spaces for people to write in their responses; this version would require considerable space to have a reasonable amount of room for each question. I could do the layout in pub software and try to fit it all on — what? Maybe 4 sides. (Do we have to include an envelope?) (Some questions of course will need more blank lines than others.) We should try to convince these people to find a way to go online via the link and respond, rather than use the printed Q. We could try to appeal to their thoughtfulness in giving us their own email address or going to the library or to their grandson's computer to fill out the Q rather than send us paper that has to be manually processed $$$ by the Class. 



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Communicating more than the Q

David, you were not on the telecon. It was posed that we should use the communication of the Q to add other questions and points. I was, and am, worried that the Q will either overwhelm and diminish the other points, or vice versa. Peter was posing the need to keep everything in such an email simple and straightforward, including keeping the Q itself separate as a link to the web. We should discuss among ourselves by phone. I have some other ideas.


By the way, this Forum seems to be public. I received some email along the lines of "What do you mean by "Q?" We can't have a private Forum?

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