Portland (Portlandia-themed) Mini Reunion August 2017

Thanks to our own Allen Denison, there was a hugely successful gathering of '69s and friends in the Porland, Oregon region this summer.

On Friday, August 18, we seized an opportunity to visit the set of Portlandia in Portland, Oregon, and participate in the filming. John Mathias’ daughter, Alice ’07, is an Executive Producer of the show. They were joined by John’s wife, Julie, and sons Peter ’09 and John ’11, and Julie’s cousin Dianne Sautter. Arthur Fergenson visited his daughter, Nina, and her wife, Evelyn. Others included Terry Bright and his wife, Brenda, and daughter, Laura ’96, David DunningAllen Denison and his wife, Martha.

In the morning, Allen led an architectural and historical walking tour of Portland’s Old Town. The group met for lunch on the way to Portland’s City Hall, which was being used as a set for the episode. Alice met us and toured us through the set when both the crew and the city officials were out. We toured the trucks, busses, and trailers, and then relaxed in front of City Hall while Alice told us all we wanted to know about the business and the show.

Saturday, several of us checked in as extras (Arthur, Nina and Evelyn went earlier) and participated in various scenes. John had a long conversation with Carrie Brownstein, the lead actress. I can say no more, but the show will probably air toward the end of the season, their eighth and last. See your buds, watch the show. It was a hoot. Alice and the whole crew were wonderfully welcoming and informative.

 And here is a gallery of photos.

If you attended this, you should add your experience in the comments below.