Annual Citi Field Mets Game Mini Reunion

As always, Sandy Alderson really knows how to throw a party.  After a brief rain delay, the game got underway although the party had already started in the two luxury suites Sandy provided.

Food and beverage in abundance as well as conversation and laughter.  The Mets lost but it was close.

Over 30 classmates (many with plus ones) were in attendance and one had to move between the two suites to see everyone.  Mets bobble-heads and garden gnomes were available as party favors.

Everyone looked healthy, wealthy and wise (2 out of 3 was good enough for some).

I've included two photos below, but there is a PHOTO GALLERY from the event, thanks to Mark Bankoff!

Here is the attendee list, updated today thanks to Allen Denison:

Name Guest 


Steven Adams

Sandy Alderson  Linda Alderson

Mark Bankoff Ann Bankoff

Peter Beekman Delly Beekman

Joe Campbell Laurel Campbell-Zinck

Dan Cooperman Mariel Harris

Tom Cronan Jan Cronan

Glen Culbertson Madelon Herzog

Tom Day Andy Day

Greg Dobbs John Dobbs

Chip Elitzer

Bob Garman Penny Garman

Jay Glaser Danielle Glaser

Dona Heller Mike Saphier

Jeff Kelley Andrew Kelley

Dudley Kay Jill Ford

David Kinsey Susanne Hand

John Lallis Kelly Lallis

Greg Lau Henry Baxter/Chris Baxter

Loren Lortscher James Couto

Jon Mark BK Munguia

John Mathias

Dick Meckstroth John Hawley

Tulley Mott Sarah Mott

John Myers Lizi Myers

Rich Oliver Edward and Robert

Tom Parks Madonna Parks

Ken Paul

Allan Petersen Maureen Petersen

George Pinkham

Lew Podolske Donna Skibbe

Michael Rieder Casey Rieder

Allan Rogers Eric Rogers

Peter Schaeffer Barbara Goodman and

 Michelle Thompson

Peter Schenck

Kelly Simpson Sally Simpson

John Singler

Bill Stableford

James Staros Alice Harris

David Strife Nancy Strife

Bob Sturges Nancie Sturges

Don Syracuse Tom Swartz

Michael Timchula Cyrus Timchula

Paul Tuhus

Randy Wallick

Tom Weldy Paula Lacy

Don White Elizabeth White

Rick Willets Joan Willets

Allan Wolkoff Claire Wolkoff

Geoff Young Br. Samuel Pfeiffer, CJ

 (Br. Benedict, CJ)

Citi Fields
Small group of participants