Another Dud Kay micro reunion, with Paul Sindelar

Report from Dud Kay:

While traveling to Tampa for  our annual musical cruise Cayamo, we stopped off in Gainesville to have lunch with Paul "Squire" Sindelar and his wife Alyson. Paul has spent a career in Special Education academia and has attained Distinguished Professor status at the U of Florida. Besides being a great fraternity brother, Paul became crew chief for Kleen laundry, employing fraternity brothers like me, which was a much-needed source of income to augment my poker winnings from pledges. He stayed over to work the summer for Kleen and then headed off to University of Minnesota where he earned his PhD. His previous academic stops were at Penn State and Florida State. During my very short career as an Agriculture textbook editor, we hooked up at Penn State and drank rusty nails into the wee hours. I couldn't answer the bell next morning and was late for appointments and haven't had a rusty nail since (that's scotch and Drambuie, an insane dose of alcohol). We visited at their lovely home and got to know Alyson, Paul's 2nd wife, a PhD in Social Work and a great partner. We learned that Paul's daughter Daisy, born during our undergrad years, was married and both working for Radio Free Europe in Prague. Pretty cool. We adjourned for lunch at a local sports bar and enjoyed quite a few laughs and reminiscences. Paul and his Topliff freshman roommate and fraternity brother Dave Maier (Connecticut) have stayed close and attend the Dartmouth-Yale game virtually every year it is played in New Haven. I don't think Paul has ever attended a reunion, but he is definitely planning on it for our 50th. Such a pleasure to connect with an always-mellow brother with a close, loving partner doing wonderful things and making a difference in our society. 

Photos below


Dud Kay and Paul Sindelar