Homecoming 2016

Homecoming is fast approaching and here are the final details.

Friday Night:

  • Informal dinner at Molly's at about 5:30 PM.  Whoever gets there first should get a table for at least 12. If those of you who are planning to attend this dinner could email me, I can get a better idea of how many seats we will need.
  • We will adjourn from dinner and head towards the stadium to join the parade. Look for the class banner.
  • Once the bonfire is going at about 9:00, we will meet in the Drake Room at the Inn with a cash bar and some hors devours. See below for our special guests. Once again, we will hear from the Dartmouth students whose organization we donated to last year. If you are not familiar with this traditional class project, coming to Homecoming to hear about it is worth the effort. It is a chance to see first hand the caliber of today's Dartmouth students. 

Saturday Morning:

  • Our class meeting will convene at 10:00 AM in 105 Thornton Hall (Thornton is the white building immediately south of Dartmouth Hall). The class meeting will cover our Class Connections program, our rejuvenated mini-reunion program and planning for our 50th reunion. There will also be a report on our efforts to bring more of the pre-coeducation female students into the ranks of Dartmouth alumni.
  • The tailgate begins after the class meeting not much before 11:30 AM.  We are celebrating our collective 69th birthday and there will be cake and presents for all.
  • Some of the '19s will join us to celebrate their collective 19th birthday.
  • The game begins at 1:30 and I have been informed by Henry Allen that to get tickets in the class section, you must call the DCAC Ticket office at 603-646-2466 before Monday, Oct 17.
  • Our Class Dinner Saturday night is filled up. The race is to the swift. For those who have signed up, I will email you with all the details
  • Those who did not sign up, you certainly can make arrangements with other classmates at the tailgate to dine together at one of the local restaurants.

I have contacted many emeritus professors who were at Dartmouth when we were. I have asked them to join us Friday night at the Inn or Saturday at the tailgate. I have received positive responses from the following:

  • Ed Bradley -Classics
  • Roger Soderberg - Chemistry
  • Bob Norman -  Math
  • John Gilbert - Biology
  • Roger Masters - Govy
  • Jere Daniell - History
  • Robert Leaton - Psych
  • Hoyt Alverson - Anthro
  • Werner Kleinhardt - German
  • Christian Jernstedt - Psych 

Some have said they will come, others said they will try.  

Let me know if you have any questions.

Rick Willets

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