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50th Swimmer/Diver Reunion at Dartmouth

Below is a picture from our 50th Reunion this past weekend. On Saturday June 8 at 3:30 PM, we gathered with Ron Keenhold under the class tent for a delightful hour and a half reminiscing about our years with the team.

In the standing group shot left to right are:

Clint Harris, Don Lofty, David Hoth, Mike Brown ’70, Jim Becker, Coach Ron Keenhold, Dick Hinman, Jay Glaser, Allan Petersen, Tom Greist, Charlie Hodgson.

Missing from the picture are Jud Graves, who had to leave early for a frat ceremony, and John Bisson, who came late.

ICYMI: Yo Yo Ma Commencement address at Reunion

For those who didn't attend Reunion, who attended but couldn't stay for Commencement, or for those who would like to see and heaer it again, HERE is Yo Yo Ma first addressing us and then playing his cello.

May 6th Parkhurst memories

Thanks to classmate David Prentice for pointing out Dean Seymour's Facebook post about the events and the DAM article about the May 6th 1969 takeover of Parkhurst as a protest against the war.

After talking about how he and David Green reconnected years later, Dean Seymour comments that:

Dinner with the '19s

On a snowy-sleety-rainy Tuesday in April, several of us had dinner with a group of '19s in the Tom Dent cabin. What an awesome group of students and what a terrific class for our Connections program. The questions they ask and the comments they make have been wonderful over the last four years. It will be sad to not see them on campus after they graduate - but we can hope they will continue to join our Class for events like Homecoming and mini-Reunions.



New gallery of photos from Gregg Dobbs '69

Greg Dobbs shared 205 photos which have been added here to our collection of galleries.  A few have been added to this post, but only a few. Check out the gallery.


Photos from the September 2016 Health and Education Connection panel

Here are two photos from what we a well-attended event with engaged students asking great questions.

Women at Dartmouth

Below are links to two 'teaser' videos related to a project documenting Dartmouth's addition of women to the undergraduate community.

Teaser for the documentary.

Teaser with comments from current women undergrads.

An audio piece of our history

In an idle moment (I have fewer of them than I want) I came across this link. Details:

Charleston Mini Reunion 2018

Hey, Guys and Gals,

Hope everybody had a great time in Charleston! As with any reunions in later years, we probably all enjoyed seeing old friends but delighted in getting to know some classmates, plus spouses, a lot better than we ever knew them in the 60s. Despite having three AD brothers together at one time, there was no surcharge for physical damage to the building, and nobody got put on double-secret probation (that we know about).

Mets Mini Reunion July 2018

I added a gallery of photos take by Mark Bankoff. If someone does a write-up of the event, I will add it here.  Here is the link to the gallery.



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